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About MFTA

We are creating a business association of Memphis food trucks with the following goals:

  1. Create better opportunities in and around Memphis for all the local food trucks
  2. Establish a website and social media pages dedicated to promoting our members to new customers by advising the public where our members are operating every day
  3. Work with the city and property owners to open up new places for our members to operate
  4. Work with the press to publicize our association and our members’ activities
  5. Organize and promote weekly “food truck rodeos” where our members can all congregate, creating a fun destination for the public and generating a lot of buzz and new customers for everybody
  6. Share information between members such as best practices and effective use of social media tools


  1. Kelly Lackey says:

    Great idea!

  2. Gregory F. McGaughy says:

    HELP!!! I’ve been going to NYC about twice a year for the past 20 years. I know how terrific food trucks and can and the variety they can offer. I work at the Criminal Justice Center at 201 Poplar. For years there was a tiny, mediocre snack bar in the building. It closed a couple of years ago and nothing has opened in it’s place.

    PLEASE work with the City/County to secure some spots around the CJC for food trucks. It would be great to step outside the building and get something great for lunch.

    Between the people who work in the building on a daily basis and the people coming in and out to do business I think the trucks would do well.

    Please consider this and best of luck to everyone opening a food truck.

  3. I would like to be notified of any up coming meetings or activities.
    I think this is a wonderful idea and concept.
    Odell Sanders

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