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Memphis Food Trucks

Awesome Dogs
Ben & Jerry’s Cow Mobile
Central BBQ
Delish Mobile Bakery
Farm 2 Cart
Food Geek Sandwiches and Beyond
The Food Truck
The Fresh Grind Juice Box
Fresh Gulf Shrimp
Fuel Cafe
Grill Gas Express-Propane Vendor
Grillmaster Chew
Gourmet Grillers, LLC
Hayden’s Grill
Herrington Concessions
Home Style Taco Shack
Hot Mess Burritos
Joey’s Italian Ice
The Kitsch’n
Let’s Be Frank
Lick the Plate Street Bistro
Main Street Catering
Marks Grill Food Truck
McKnight’s European Cuisine
Merge Memphis Eats & Treats
Millies Garden
New York Soft Serve Ice Cream
Parker’s Concessions
Parker’s Italian Ice & Soft Serve Ice Cream
Pig-N-Out BBQ
Pop’s Smokehouse BBQ & Catering
Rock’n Dough Pizza Co.
Sandwiches and More
Sin City Grillers
Smurfey’s Smokehouse
So Fresh Mobile Juice Bar
A Southern Delight
A Square Meal on Wheels
Stickem Food Truck
Tamale Trolley
The Steel Grill

Awesome Dogs

Owner(s): Robert & Joyce Payne
E-mail: awesomedogs@bellsouth.net
Phone #:901-210-8531
Twitter: @awesomedogs_mem

Ben & Jerry’s Cow Mobile

Owner: Marc Tate
Facebook: Benjerrymemphis
Phone number: 901-412-9008
e-mail: marc@tatecompany.com
website: www.benjerry.com/eastmemphis


Owner: Keith and Lisa Paul
Twitter: Pauls Cariflavor
FB: caribbean.cuisine.35
E-Mail: cariflavor@yahoo.com
Phone: Keith Paul: (901)494-9732 Lisa Paul: (901)497-6399
Website: www.cariflavor.com

Central BBQ

Owner(s): Craig Blondis, Roger Sapp
Contacts: Mark Goldsmith, Elizabeth Blondis
Website: cbqmemphis.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cbqmemphis Central BBQ
Twitter: @CentralBBQ
E-mail: eblondis@cbqmemphis.com, mgoldsmith8@gmail.com, truck@cbqmemphis.com
Phone #: 901-767-4672

Delish Mobile Bakery

Owner(s): Connie Wooldridge
Website: delishmobilebakery.com
E-mail: delishmobilebakery@live.com
Phone #: 901-268-5215

Farm 2 Cart

Owner: Glen Ring
Website: www.farm2cart.com
Facebook: farm2cart
Twitter: @farm2cart
E-Mail: farm2cart@gmail.com
Phone: 901-277-7958 
Website: www.farm2cart.com

Food Geek Sandwiches and Beyond

Owner : James Norman
Phone : 901-413-6948
Email : foodgeek662@gmail.com
Facebook: Food Geek Sandwiches and Beyond
Twitter: @foodgeektruck
Website: www.facebook.com/foodgeek662

The Food Truck

Owner : Eric Meyers
Phone : 901-277-4428
Email : ericlmeyers@gmail.com
Facebook: thememphisfoodtruck
Twitter: @Memphisfoodtruck
Website: thememphisfoodtruck.com

Fuel Cafe

Owner: Erik Proveaux
Website: fuelcafememphis.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/fuelfoodtruck
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FuelCafeFoodTruck
Email: erikproveaux@aol.com
Phone# 901 730 1916

The Fresh Grind Juice Box

Owner: Angel Jackson
Website: thefreshgrind.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/thefreshgrind
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thefreshgrindjuiceandcoffee
Email: thefreshgrind@gmail.com
Phone# 901 258 0392

Fresh Gulf Shrimp


Grill Gas Express-Propane Vendor

Owner: Jason Jordan
Web: Grillgasexpress.com
PH: 901-268-5151
Email: jjordan@grillgasexpress.com

Grillmaster Chew

Owner: Antonio Chew
Web: grillmasterchew.com
Email: grillmasterchew@yahoo.com
Instagram: big_chew
Twitter: @grillmasterchew
PH: 901-864-3099

Gourmet Grillers, LLC

Terry Taylor and Kathy Garrison
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gourmet-Grillers/364149090357555 gourmetgrillers@live.com
901-493-7162. 901-491-5213

Hayden’s Grill

Kristen Miller
Email: Haydensgrill901@yahoo.com
Facebook: Haydens Grill
Twitter: @haydensgrill

Herrington Concessions

Randy and Kathy Herrington
Email: Randyh757@yahoo.com
901-336-5612. 901-336-4607

Home Style Taco Shack

Owner(s): Twyla Miles
E-mail: Twyla.Miles@yahoo.com
Web: homestyletacoshack.mobi
Facebook: Homestyle Taco Shack
Phone #: 901-846-3374 or 951-333-9992

Hot Mess Burritos

Owner: Will Freiman & Brad Sheffield
Email: Hotmessthetruck@gmail.com
FB: Hot Mess Burritos
Twitter: @hotmessmemphis
PH: 901 833 2554

Joey’s Italian Ice

Owner: Darlene Shepard
Email: memphisicelady@gmail.com
PH: 901 581 9863

The Kitsch’n

Owner: Russ Thompson
Web: thekitschnmemphis.com
Email: rust54@yahoo.com
FB: thekitschn
Twit: @chefjen137
PH: 901-568-1310


Owner(s): Cheryl Sessions & David Maxey
Website: kona-ice.com
E-mail: konaiceofmemphis@att.net
Phone #: 901-794-KONA (5662), 301-8367 (Cheryl), 488-8486 (David)

Let’s Be Frank

Owner: Willie Bullock
Twitter: Letsbefrank041
FB: letsbfrank.hotdogs
E-Mail: letsbefrank041@gmail.com
Phone: 901-233-3101

Lick the Plate Street Bistro

Owner: Kevin Jamerson
Twitter: licktheplate@twitter.com
Email: licktheplatebistro@gmail.com
Website: Licktheplatebistro.com

Main St. Catering

Owner(s): Jeff Johnson
Website: JeffJohnsonRestaurantGroup.com
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/LocalGastropubMemphis
Twitter: @localgastropub
E-mail: jeffbarjohn@gmail.com
Phone #: 901-219-1481

Marks Grill Food Truck

Owner(s): Mark Hamilton
Website: MarksGrill.com
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/MarksGrill
Twitter: www.Twitter.com/MarksGrill
E-mail: Mark@MarksGrill.com
Phone #: 901-356-2075

McKnight’s European Cuisine

Owner(s): Donald and Lisa Fox
Facebook: www.facebook.com/McKnightseuropeancuisine
Twitter: McKnights@McKnightstruck
E-mail: lisafox1968@gmail.com
Phone #: 901-493-6020 or 901-603-5721


Owner(s): Ann Bun
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MojoTN
Twitter: @memphismojocafe
Instagram: memphis_mojo_cafe
E-mail: mojocafebartlett@gmail.com
Phone #: 901-428-5223

Merge Memphis Eats & Treats

Owner(s): Sherry McClure
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Mergememphis
Twitter: Merge Memphis
E-mail: Sherrymc63@hotmail.com
Phone #: 901-237-8481

MIllie’s Garden

Owner(s): Cindy Buchanan
Facebook: Millies Garden
Twitter: @milliesgarden
E-mail: millies_garden@aol.com
Phone #: 901-568-3470


WEBSITE: mrfraziersfishfry.com/
TWITTER: @Mrfrazierfish
PHONE: 901-573-8274

New York Soft Serve Ice Cream

OWNER: Oguz Gezer (Ozzy)
FACEBOOK: HTTPS://M.FACEBOOK.COM/softserveicecreammemphis
EMAIL: ogezer01@gmail.com

Parker’s Concessions

OWNER: Derick Parker
EMAIL: parkersconcessions@gmail.com
WEBSITE: parkersconcessions.com
PHONE: 901-649-4659

Parker’s Italian Ice & Soft Serve Ice Cream

Owner(s): Therman L. Parker, II, Veronica Parker-Robinson
Website: parkerswaterice.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/waterice.parkers
Twitter: www.twitter.com/parkerswaterice
E-mail: parkerswaterice@yahoo.com
Phone #: 901-624-7676

Pig-N-Out BBQ

Owners: David C. Little, SR David C. Little, JR
Website: Pignoutbbqandcatering.com
Email: dlittle007@aol.com
Ph: 901-219-8064 901-232-8697

Pop’s Smokehouse BBQ & Catering

Owner(s): Jeff and Kim Toney
Website: PopsSmokehouse.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PopsSmokehouseBBQ
Twitter: @PopsSmokehouse
E-mail: PopsSmokehouse@aol.com
Phone #: 901-335-7906

Rock’n Dough Pizza Co.

Owner(s): Jeremy and Amanda Denno
Website: rockndoughpizza.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rockndoughpizzaco
Twitter: @RocknDoughPizza
E-mail: rockndoughpizzaco@gmail.com
Phone #: (901) 435-6238

Sandwiches and More

Owner: Tricey Cox

Sin City Grillers

Owner: Michelle or T
662-562-2262 or 662-562-2088

Smurfey’s Smokehouse

Owner(s): Kendrick and Christina Westbrook
Facebook: Smurfey’s Smokehouse
E-mail: smurfeygrill@gmail.com
Phone #: 901-337-7966 or 901-236-5472

So Fresh Mobile Juice Bar

Owner: Chris Gray
Website: sofreshjuicebar.com
Facebook: So Fresh Mobile Juice Bar
Twitter: @sofreshjuicebar
Email: info@sofreshjuicebar.com

A Southern Delight

Owner(s): Jomo & Tonya Drew
Twitter: A Southern Delight
Facebook: A Southern Delight
Email: tonyadrew7072@gmail.com
PH: 901-864-3660

A Square Meal on Wheels

Owner(s): Chef Derrick and Laquonta Clark
Website: asquaremealonwheels.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Square-Meal-on-Wheels/109672219117530?ref=hl
Twitter: https://twitter.com/asquaremeal1
E-mail: asquaremealonwheels@hotmail.com or asquaremealcafe@gmail.com
Phone #: 901-573-9264

Stickem Food Truck

Ermyias Shiberou
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stickem/186294658164807
Twitter: http://twitter.com/stickemfood
Email: stickemfoodtruck@gmail.com
Phone: 901-626-2211

Tamale Trolley

Owner(s): Ken Hooper
Facebook: www.facebook.com/tamaletrolley
Twitter: @TamaleTrolley
E-mail: ken@tamaletrolley.mx
Phone #: We have concession contracts in place through January 2016 contact by email only please. Thanks.

The Steel Grill

Owner(s): Quan Anderson
Website: thesteelgrillmemphis.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/public/Quan-Anderson
Twitter: http://twitter.com/qalicheF1
Email: qalicheF1@bellsouth.net
Phone: 901-359-0205

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